What goes where

Blue bin


Plastic bags, plastic wrap
Bundle clean, dry plastic inside one plastic bag.
Paper coffee cups (empty)
Recycle empty cup, sleeve, and plastic lid.
Milk cartons, juice cartons (empty)
Ice cream containers (empty)
Lids okay.
Soy milk cartons, soup cartons (empty)
Paper coffee cups (empty)
Recycle empty cup, sleeve, and plastic lid.
Newspapaer for recycling
Newspapers, magazines
Cereal boxes
Remove plastic lining (if any) and bundle with plastic bags.
Junk mail for recycling
Junk mail, phone books
Glossy paper okay.
Paper bag for recycling
Paper bags
Clean, not greasy or food-stained.
Put construction paper in blue recycling bin
Packing paper, craft paper
Egg carton for recycling
Egg cartons
Paper and plastic egg cartons okay. No polystyrene foam.
Envelopes with plastic window okay.
Ice cream containers (empty)
Lids okay.
Shredded paper
Place in sealed paper bag; label “shredded paper.”
Paper soup cup (empty)
Break down boxes.
Put cardboard tubes in blue bin
Cardboard tubes
Cardboard food packaging
aluminum tray and foil in recycle bin
Aluminum containers & trays
Spray cans (empty)
Aluminum foil
Make foil into ball. No food.
Cans (empty)
Aluminum, steel, or tin.
Jar lids
Recycle bottle caps
Bottle caps
Scrap Metal
Small metal household items (broken pots and pans, not appliances or electronics).
Plastic coffee lid for recycling
Plastic coffee cup lids
Plastic clamshells (empty)
Food containers (empty)
Plastic bottles (empty)
Plastic cups, plates (empty)
No polystyrene foam. If labeled "compostable," put in green bin.
Plastic tubs, lids (empty)
Plastic toys
No mixed materials, electronics, metal or batteries.
Plastic bucket
Wire handle okay.
Plastic bags, plastic wrap
Bundle clean, dry plastic inside one plastic bag. Newspaper bags, deflated bubble wrap and air pillows okay.
Glass bottles (empty)
Metal caps, lids okay.
Glass jars (empty)
Soy milk cartons, soup cartons (empty)
Juice boxes (empty)
Milk cartons, juice cartons (empty)
Soup boxes (empty)
If reusable, visit RecycleWhere.org. If not, put clean fabric in a clear bag, then in blue bin. Rips, holes, single socks okay. No shoes or belts.


Leftovers in compost bin
Spoiled leftovers
Put food scraps in compost
Food scraps, spoiled food
compost coffee grounds and paper filter
Coffee grounds, coffee filter
compost eggs and eggshells
Eggs, eggshells
Bones okay.
Shells okay.
Tea bags
Paper only.
compost paper take-out containers
Paper boxes
Put greasy pizza box in the green bin
Greasy pizza boxes
Paper take-out boxes
Chopsticks okay.
Paper take-out clamshell in green bin
Paper clamshells
compost used paper plates
Paper plates
compost used paper towels
Paper towels
compost tissues
compost used napkin
Napkins, greasy paper bags
Branches, shrubs, twigs
Break branches down to fit in green bin.
Tree trimmings
Cut to less than 4 feet long and 6 inches wide.
compost leaves
Flowers, floral trimmings
Grass and weeds go in the green compost bin
Grass, weeds
Corks, natural
If plastic, put in blue bin.
Nothing painted, stained, or treated. No plywood or pressboard.
Wood chopsticks, coffee stirrers, toothpicks
Put wood popsicle stick in the green bin
Popsicle stick
No synthetic fibers.
Cotton balls, swabs
No plastic stems.
Natural hair only. Donate hair to Clean Wave.
Fur from cats, dogs, etc.
compost compostable bags and utensils
Compostable bags
Item must be labeled "compostable."
compost compostable cup
Compostable cups, plates, bowls, utensils
Item must be labeled "compostable."
Waxy cardboard goes in the green compost bin
Waxy cardboard, wax paper
Black landfill bin


Polystyrene foam cups (Styrofoam™ cups)
Dog or cat poop, kitty litter
For health and safety, always put in the black bin.
Toothpaste tubes, cream, ointment (empty)
put tampons in the black bin
Put menstrual pads in the black bin.
Pads (menstrual/sanitary)
Diaper in black landfill
Coffee bags
Bags for coffee beans have a plastic liner fused to paper. Large to-go foil bags (inside coffee boxes) have mixed materials.
Padded envelopes
Envelopes with plastic padding have mixed materials.
Disposable razors
Disposable ice packs
Disposable ice packs (plastic filled with a gooey substance) are difficult to recycle.
Reuse when possible. If your ice pack came with a meal delivery kit, contact the meal kit provider to see if they have a take-back program.
Latex and rubber gloves
Shiny food wrappers
Potato chip bags, protein and candy bar wrappers.
Broken pottery goes in the black landfill bin
Broken pottery
Broken ceramics go in the black bin.
Broken ceramics
Broken glass
no bin

No bin

Hazardous chemicals
Many common household products (cleaners, detergents, pest sprays, etc.) may contain toxic chemicals. Contact Recology.
Chemical sprays, liquids & powders
Many common household products (cleaners, detergents, pest sprays, etc.) may contain toxic chemicals. Contact Recology.
Art supplies
Art supplies may contain hazardous chemicals which must not go in any bin. Contact Recology.
Put household batteries (AA, A, etc.) into a clear plastic bag on top of black bin. If lithium ("Li" or "Lithium"), tape over battery contacts.
Check RecycleWhere.org for reuse and recycling options for clothing, shoes and other items in usable condition.